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MIFARE Smart Safe RFID Hotel Door Lock KXG-H1

RFID card smart hotel door lock is also called proximity card locks and non-contact IC card locks. It is applied to hotel, guesthouse, apartment, affordable housing, rental housing, dormitory. We are an industry leader in providing complete room locking and access solutions to our customers. Each RFID smart lock is ISO 9001, DL and ANSI certified.

Product Description

RFID Hotel Door Lock

RFID locks are also called proximity card locks and non-contact IC card locks. They are electronic locks that use radio frequency cards as the key to open the door. Radio frequency card technology is a replacement and updated product of contact IC card, which is more advanced, convenient and safe in use. Achieve secure and convenient locking of doors. The door locks produced by KXGOOD are of guaranteed quality and are widely used in many hotels, universities and office buildings. Each RFID smart door lock is ISO 9001, DL and ANSI certified. If you need them, please contact us. We offer you a variety of smart door lock solutions.

Core function of hotel secuity door lock

1. Unified management platform;

2. Unlock record;

3. Control the access system;

4. Limite the unlock time;

5. The alarm for the door not in fully closed;

6. Control the losed card to be invalid;

7. Fast sensitive for unlock;

8. Physical key for emergency use;

9. Adopting radio frequency identification technology.

What are the characteristics of our RFID hotel door locks?

1. The handle in human engineering design is comfortable to hold.

2. PCB is sealed inside with the cover, dustproof, dampproof and more durable.

3. Lock panel and lock body made in SUS304 materials.

4. Indicator light illuminates when any action is made on the lock.

5. The hidden physical key hole.

6. Built-in encrypted chip make is more safe and reliable.

7. New fashion WiFi shape indicator light

8. Battery cover, Front and back faceplates are made of SUS304 in 2.0mm thickness.

9. Double-lock button. If don't want the waiters disturbing you, you can lock inside. And it unlocks automatically when the door is opened inside.

10. Latch bolt, This design can reduce the contact area to anti-friction, and make sure the door no shaky be in closed.

11. Sensor bolt, If the sensor bolt is not fully retracted,that means the door is not closed or not fully closed, then the alarm acting for warning.

12. Dead bolt, Use double-lock button to act, can prevent the card technique to unlock.

13. Anti-peeping code: When you are afraid that somebody behind you peeping when you enter password, so you can input some wrong numbers at first, then input right ones, or at last input wrong numbers, also can open the door.

RFID Hotel Door Lock Application

RFID Door locks application scenarios

1. Hotel&house room;

2. Guesthouse;

3. Apartment;

4. Affordable housing;

5. Rental housing;

6. Dormitory.

8 core technology

1. semi-conductor fingerprint

2. APP unlock

3. the cover is auto-sliding up and down

4. double bearings free handle

5. Lift handle to act anti-bolt function

6. C-class cylinder

7. alarm system

8. anti-Tesla box

Some questions you may care about

How does RFID hotel door lock work?

Unified management platform by computer software. RFID card touch to the induction area, the indicator light illuminates, then press handle to open the door. There is the hidden physical key hole for emergency use with physical key.

How safe is the smart safe hotel lock?

Security is very reliable. Smart hotel door lock built-in encrypted chip make is more safe and reliable. Class-C anti-theft cylinder, real cylinder insert into lock body, hidden physical key hole.

KXGOOD is a professional supplier of smart lock. We supply smart hotel door locks and smart fingerprint door locks. Click for more about our RFID hotel lock here!

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