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Why You Need to Install a Fingerprint Door Lock

Jul. 27, 2021

With the development of technology, the use of fingerprint door locks has become more and more common. How do fingerprint door locks make our lives easier?

fingerprint door lock

Fingerprint Door Locks

  • Compulsion to Close the Door

Before using the fingerprint code lock, do you often go out and come back, then go out and come back again? Once you have a fingerprint code lock, you don’t have to worry anymore, close the door and leave (many fingerprint code locks have this function). As for whether it is closed or not? No problem, the door will close by itself. It is really convenient to solve the trouble of having to check several times.


  • Often Forget to Bring the Key

Have you ever had this situation? There is a lot of pressure to go to work every day. You have to get up early, catch the shuttle bus, and go to work on time but also want to sleep more. As a result, You got up late in the morning and went out very anxiously, but you forgot the key. Either find someone to open the door, or find a professional person to change the lock. Over time, the cost is too high and it is not convenient. It is better to change a fingerprint code lock and never worry about forgetting to bring the key. The finger is the key!


  • Many People in the Family have Different Time to Go Home

If there are many people in the family, the number of keys will also be large. Then it is better to change to a smart fingerprint lock, which is more convenient, just one fingerprint or one password. Don't worry about one of them being taken away by others when you distribute the keys.


In addition, if there are many people and people often come back at different times, it is more troublesome to use the key. It is better to use a fingerprint password lock. Especially when someone come back late, the door is already locked, and he has to ask his family to get up and open the door, which affects the rest of the family. The fingerprint code lock does not need to consider such a problem, just lock it directly.


smart electronic fingerprint door lock

A Smart Electronic Fingerprint Door Lock

  • Very Friendly to the Elderly

This is also very important. Old people often lose their keys easily. This is not the key. The key is that he can't enter the house if he loses the key. As a child, can you not worry about your parents? Instead of always coming back to open the door, it is better to use a fingerprint and password lock, so that you no longer have to worry about the elderly being unable to enter the house.


If the elderly want to go to their children's home temporarily, that's fine. They no longer have to wait for their children to come home, they can come in directly because they have fingerprints and passwords. Even some fingerprint password locks already support the unlocking of the bracelet.


  • More Affordable

The price of current fingerprint password lock is more affordable, basically equivalent to the price of a mobile phone. The mobile phone is replaced with a new one in about two years, and the fingerprint password lock is generally used for five years, and it can also provide a good user experience and help solve major problems. 

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