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Smart Door Lock: What Should I Do If The Fingerprint Password Fails?

Aug. 09, 2021

With the intelligentization of home life, many families have replaced mechanical locks with smart locks. With the recorded fingerprints and passwords, the door can be opened, which relieves the trouble of people forgetting to bring their keys. However, what should you do if the smart lock screen is blank, and the fingerprint and password fail?


Fingerprint failure

1. The battery in the lock is low. Replace the battery of the same type or fully charge the rechargeable battery.

2. Fingerprints are affected by personal factors. Dry, cracked, wrinkled, peeling, sweaty, and dirty hands lead to door opening and entry failure.

3. The input method is wrong. When fingerprints are collected multiple times with the same finger, the same bit plane should be maintained for input, and the angle of the finger cannot be changed for input.

4. The influence of weather changes. Too cold and hot weather will affect fingerprint input. When it's too cold, rub your fingers or breathe first. When it's hot, you can dry your fingers before typing.

5. Eliminate the above reasons of smart fingerprint door lock failure, you can try after restoring the factory settings. If the fault cannot be rectified, a professional should come to check the cable contact problem or the circuit board failure to replace the accessories, or return to the factory for repair.

 fingerprint lock

Password failure

1. The password input method should be input at a constant speed and not too fast.

2. The password was memorized or entered incorrectly.

3. The password screen does not light up, and there is no response to pressing the button. First of all, you must judge whether the power in the lock is insufficient, and replace the new battery to solve it; secondly, you need master the correct method of turning on the password screen.

4. You need try to tap the vibrating screen with your hand when the password screen circuit is in poor contact, or restore the factory settings. If it still cannot be ruled out, you need a professional to inspect and replace the circuit board or return to the factory for repair.


Face recognition failure

1. When entering a human face, stand upright and the entire face is reflected in the screen frame, and automatically record 5 facial feature images for storage.

2. Stand still when opening the door and input the face, and the entire panel should be reflected in the screen frame without shaking to open the door.

3. If the screen is not bright, touch the password screen with your palm or the back of your hand, not with your fingers.

4. There is no response to touch on the crashed screen, press the bottom restart button to recover.

5. To eliminate the causes of the above failures, professionals need to come to handle or return to the factory for repair.


Proximity card failure

1. Whether there is power shortage in the lock, it can be solved by replacing the battery.

2. The induction card is damaged, replace with a new card and re-record the card.

3. Induction card information is lost, clear all card information and re-enter it.

4. Circuit board failure or cable contact problems need to be handled at home or returned to the factory for repair.


Card induction

Bring this tip to make your life easier as a manufacturer of smart door lock. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need to change the smart combination lock in your home.

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