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Smart Locks Are Great Choices for Any Home or Business

Oct. 12, 2021

Let's face it, in this day and age, the need for security is greater than ever, so finding the right lock for your home is becoming increasingly important. Fortunately for us, locks are becoming ...... smarter.

Smart locks offer a level of convenience and customisation that traditional locking mechanisms cannot offer without compromising on security. This guide explores why they are a great choice for any home or business.

functions of the smart lock

Full hands

We all know how difficult it can sometimes be to get hold of a key. Maybe you have a food bag in your hand or are trying to deal with a screaming toddler. Keys can be dropped, lost or forgotten. 

With a smart lock, all you have to do is pair Bluetooth with the latch and you can easily access your house without the need for a traditional lock and key system.

Better security

There are many different ways to pick a lock. The old solution was to introduce a new lock and then crack it for burglars to steal. Today, you can install smart locks. This keyless entry makes it impossible for would-be robbers to access the latch.

You also have the convenience of remote monitoring or tying your smart lock to a complete home or complete office security system. This way, you can receive alerts about suspicious activity.

Disabled or elderly people

There are many people who have difficulty using conventional locks. This includes the elderly, people with Parkinson's disease, people with cerebral palsy, anyone who needs to wear carpal tunnel to correct their carpal tunnel , and many more ......

With Smart Locks, those with disabilities who use traditional locks and key systems can easily access homes and businesses. It also facilitates access for those who are unable to hold keys easily due to arthritis or other problems.

Protect your home remotely

Another benefit of having a smart lock is the ability to lock and unlock your home in your absence using the app. You can also check your home to ensure it remains secure while you are away. 

This can give you more peace of mind when you are on holiday with your family. At work, whether it's day or night shifts, when children are home alone or when you have a babysitter, when guests are using your house ...... you can rest assured.

Auto-Sliding Cover Smart Safe Fingerprint Door Lock KXG-F5

Some smart locks have a futuristic look, while others mimic the style of a traditional latch. You can find smart locks based on how they look on your door, whether you want the world to know you have one, or which shape and size you prefer.

One of the best ways to secure your home today is with a smart lock. Our mobile service is here for you, so call KX Goodlock today for all your lock and security needs! Together we can help secure your home or office and give you peace of mind. 

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