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Where Is Smart Lock Stronger Than Mechanical Lock?

Mar. 20, 2021

Smart Locks are installed on anti-theft doors, and from a design perspective, the safety of smart locks is becoming more and more guaranteed. The price is also very close to the people. AS long as we want to replace the old lock at home, we can install the newly bought smart lock. There is no need to replace the anti-theft door. It is also very convenient. Smart locks are also in our lives. Played a big role.

Smart Fingerprint Door Lock

Smart Fingerprint Door Lock

Many people like the convenience that smart locks bring us, but there are also many people who still like to use traditional door locks. What are the differences between them before? Today Smart Fingerprint Door Lock Supplier will introduce the difference of these two door locks. 

1.The production method of ordinary locks is very simple, and the lock core is also very simple, so ordinary locks are equipped with keys, we can open ordinary locks as long as we insert the key with the right number. Compared with ordinary locks, smart locks are much more complicated, and smart lock shave many functions. It has a special remote control-style key that can control the unlocking of the door, and now there are many smart locks with higher-end functions. For example, a fingerprint can be used to open the lock, or a specific password can be used to open the lock.

2. Smart locks can be said to make our lives more convenient. Many people are more forgetful, so many times they can't find the key. If you have a smart lock, you don't need to hold the key every day. You only need to enter your fingerprint when you go out. Or you can just remember the password of the door and you can open the door at will. You don't need to take the key when you go out in the future, and you don't have to worry about where the key is forgotten .

3. Moreover, the security of smart locks is much higher than that of ordinary locks, because ordinary locks can open the door as long as the lock core is destroyed, while smart locks are not so easy. Deciphering passwords and deciphering fingerprints are both very difficult. Therefore, families with such door locks are not prone to thieves, and security risks will be greatly reduced. In terms of service life, if you choose a smart lock with better quality, you can basically use it for many years without any problem, so you can use the smart lock with peace of mind, and you can also set the anti-theft function, so if someone can destroy the smart lock, you can alarm The sound reminds people in the house to guard against thef.

4. The new smart locks now have many functions. The operation has also begun to be simplifed, there are no such cumbersome steps, everyone can use it, and there is a video face recognition function. Recognizing fingerprints and faces at the same time, the anti-theft performance is stronger.

I hope the above sharing will be helpful to everyone's choice. In addition, the company also provides Hotel Smart Lock. Please feel free to contact us if you need it.

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