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What are Fingerprint Door Locks? How Do They Work?

Feb. 05, 2021

Security has always been a concerm of paramount importance to human beings. We have gone from protecting valuables in the past by keeping them in dungeons to safeguarding data by layers and layers of cryptographic software. Either way, ensuring the Well-being of our personal belongings has always been near the top of our priority list.

Thanks to technology, today security involves a wide range of sofware and hardware including web based security services, biometrics and personal devices with integrated security levels. One of the biggest advances of the digital-technical age has been the introduction of biometrics into security.

Here, we shall take a look at Fingerprint Door Lock, one of the earliest and most used systems deploying biometrics, and take an in-depth look at its workings.

What are fingerprint door locks?

Fingerprint Door Lock

Fingerprint Door Lock

Let's start with the definition. Although the name in itself is pretty self- explanatory, a fingerprint door lock may be defined as "a system which grants access to authorized personnel by vitue of recognizing their unique fingerprints." You have probably looked at your hands countless times and noticed the ridges and valley pattern. The patterns were an important outcome of the human evolution as they enhanced our ability to grip. However, an unforeseen consequence of this particular step in the evolutionary process was to grant humans a fantastic method of identification.

Human fingerprints are extremely detailed and nearly unique. What is more, they are also very dificult to fake or alter and can endure over an individual's lifespan. This makes them very suitable as long-term markers of human identity. When the technology which can recognize and differentiate between fingerprints is deployed in securing access to a door way, you get a“Fingerprint Door Lock System" .

However, a question which arises is that why should you not stick to the old lock and key? Or use some other altermative methods instead of going for the relatively expensive fingerprint lock systems. Well, not only are fingerprint door lock systems reliable and non-intrusive, there is also no danger of leaving your fingers at home or at ofice. Also, the fact that fingerprints are nearly always unique, makes fingerprint door locking system perfect with regards to security.And of course, you can hardly forget your fingerprints or even guess it, as is the case with an alphanumeric password.

How do fingerprint door locks work?

Okay, so let's get down to how these locks actually work. Basic ally, fingerprint locks operate by scanning and converting your fingerprint data into a numerical template.

Once you place your finger onto the scanner for the first time the conversion into numerical data takes place, and the fingerprint template is saved. This process is then repeated every time you want to grant someone access. The next time someone places his/her finger on the sensor, it matches the data obtained through the finger with the pre -saved values. If a match is found, access is granted and the door opens. On the other hand, if its someone else trying to get through, access is not allowed and the door remains locked. Simple, no?

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