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Electronic Locks: Different Ways of Working and Their Pros and Cons

Sep. 06, 2021

Electronic locks require the use of an electronic signal to open and close, otherwise it will remain locked or open. They all have a similar advantage in terms of the ease of providing and denying access. The keys required can be universal or used for specific locks. zhongding shares with you, some of the common ways in which smart locks work.

Access Codes

An access code is a series of interactions with a keypad of some kind in a specific order. These types of electronic locking mechanisms are common in most types of safes. Codes can be numbers, letters or even directions.


The system only requires a code to be remembered and a way to enter it.

Different codes are available for different doors, as well as a master code that applies to all doors.

The sheer length and number of options makes it very impossible for a thief to guess the code.


The owner may forget the code.

Using multiple codes increases the chances of the code being guessed.


This technology has been around for some time. The new iPhone and DMV use biometrics in the form of a fingerprint scanner, but there is more to biometrics than just fingerprints. Retina and iris scans of the eyes, facial recognition and voice recognition are all examples of biometric readouts.


No key or code can be lost, you are the key.

Biometrics accepted by the lock can be changed at any time without the need to re-key or redo the system.


A forgiving sensor may allow others to open the lock.

A ruthless sensor may allow you to be locked out of your own door/lock.

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Authentication tokens

These are sometimes called tokens because they are physical devices that need to interact with the lock in the same way that a bus or arcade token interacts with a machine. These authentication devices can be swipe cards or digital devices that emit infrared signals.


Devices can be set to open some specific doors and not others.

Locks can be reset at any time to reject any of these devices.


Devices can be lost or damaged and can be expensive to replace.

You must use the device in close proximity to the lock.

There are many factors to consider when checking your electronic lock. With this information, you should now be able to identify for yourself what you need.

Electronic locks are a big investment, so they may be more suited to businesses than homes, but there is no better personal investment than protecting your property. Remember, your solution needs to be pragmatic and consider not only how this will protect you, but also how it will affect you and others who will use your lock. So contact us now to find the suitable smart lock for you !

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