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Classification of Hotel Smart Door Locks and Purchase Considerations

Jun. 07, 2021

In recent years, intelligent door locks are no longer just appear in hotels, business buildings, high-end villas and other places, it began to go into the general consumer market. Smart door locks are priced from a few hundred to a few thousand, smart door locks are safer and more convenient than ordinary door locks, but most people are looking on the sidelines, who do not dare to rush to start, of course, the goods than three is certainly right.

Because do not understand, so there are doubts. Today, the Hotel Lock Manufacturer to analyze the current smart door lock is divided into approximately several categories, talk about which products are more reliable, to avoid us falling into the price trap.

Hotel Lock

Hotel Lock

It is understood that the current market common smart door lock according to the type of unlocking is divided into about four kinds: password lock, induction lock, remote lock, fingerprint lock. Listen to the name to know, by setting the password, card induction, remote control and fingerprint to unlock. We can open the smart door lock by fingerprint, password or APP, it is more technological, but also more secure than ordinary door locks. We recommend paying attention to the three problems when buying and selling, perhaps to reduce the chances of getting into the pit.

1, Bluetooth unlocking is a smart lock

Bluetooth lock belongs to a kind of near-field unlocking, although you can use the cell phone Bluetooth function to open the lock, but still no networking, there are certain restrictions on the unlocking distance, can not be unlocked remotely with a cell phone like a real smart lock, not to mention the same smart lock guest alert or alarm function.

 2, electronic locks are smart locks

Password lock and Fingerprint Door Lock must be a smart lock? No, may also be electronic locks, smart locks and electronic locks can be networked, one can not be networked, the price is also an expensive a cheap, so be sure to figure out whether it is an electronic lock or smart lock.

3, all fingerprint recognition are safe

Now the smart locks come with fingerprint recognition, but not all fingerprint recognition can give you real peace of mind, fingerprint unlocking also has a technical distinction. Smart locks on the market today are mainly divided into optical fingerprint recognition and semiconductor biometric in vivo fingerprint recognition. You can choose other smart devices according to its performance when installing a smart door lock.

These are the problems that consumers tend to ignore when buying smart door locks, if you have plans to buy smart door locks in the near future, you may wish to read more strategies when buying, compare the three before you start. Want to know more information about Smart Hotel Locks, feel free to contact us.

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